Drake Magazine | Spring 2018

This year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be on the Drake Mag photography staff. The shoots I was was assigned this year came from a great variety of magazine sections.

Dewy Skin | Fashion + Beauty

This shoot was so fun. Initially we started in my apartment surrounded by the multitude of plant babies my roomies and I care for. From lilies to succulents to a banana tree, we have it all and this made a fun backdrop for some of the photos. This required a great amount of creativity layering the plants to create a sufficient backdrop.

I also purchased these reflectors prior to shooting for Drake Mag and they really came in handy throughout all my shoots this spring.

The next location we stopped at was actually right outside my apartment, in front of some pine trees scattered next to a restaurant parking lot. On a normal day, if I were to approach this spot, you would have never dreamed this to be a backdrop. However, the simple lush pine tree backdrop was all we needed on that blustery spring day.

Our model, Reality Hendrix was a true trooper, and an absolute natural in front of the camera despite the chilly weather.


Sylvan Esso | Music + Culture

I must admit, I took full advantage of my photographer’s pass designated for the initial three songs played and hugged the stage for the entire concert. Sylvan Esso was life changing. Truly the best concert I’ve ever been to. Their stage chemistry was unlike anything I have ever experienced in a performance. Think Rihanna and Drake’s chemistry but with their eyes.

Their vibe was emphatic. The performance energized me to the point where, if I was not snapping photos, I was jumping and grooving right alongside the pumped up crowd. The auditorium was made for sit down concerts but this crowd was alive and full of movement. No chairs could contain us.


Herbs | Health + Sex

This photoshoot was my first experience in the Drake greenhouse perched on top of the Science Connecter building. What an urban jungle. Again, these shoots took place during those dreary Iowan spring-that-feels-like-winter months. This greenhouse was a safe haven and my spirits were instantly lifted upon entry.

The earthy smell of soil, the humidity you could feel swallowing you up, the lush greenery, I loved it all. The lights simulating sunlight partnered with the mid-day overcast sky made the most perfect environment for a photographer, and I absolutely loved how this particular shoot turned out.

Revenge Bods | Health + Sex

I recruited my incredibly fit-focused friend Tierney to model for me in this shoot. We went to the Bell Center gym to conduct this photoshoot. Her boyfriend Joe was really sweet and helped balance out the weights while we were in between shots.

That day, it was snowing like crazy this day so we weren’t getting a strong glow of natural light from the windows. However we worked with the light and darkness, turning off the overhead lights to capture that soft light entering through the windows. The sharp red light from the digital clock made the scene feel intense and set the tone for our shoot.

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