[april] Give Me One Reason

I’ve said all along that April is going to be my month. It has been indeed.

I’m doing my best to work out more (preferred workout jam at the moment: Make Me Proud by Drake and Nicki Minaj. “Couple things due but you always get it done,” you know it) and eat healthier.

I’m celebrating my admission into the Masters in Teaching program at la Universidad de Alcalá Instituto Franklin. I’m going to Madrid!

I’m about to turn twenty-two TOMORROW! Which reminds me – I really ought to add a little T-swift to this playlist.

…the list goes on. I’m doing my best to really live it up and live to the fullest this month, knowing that life is about to change upon graduation.

My April playlist was originally named after a tune my friends and I all loved over our spring break back in March: Real Peach by Henry Jamison. That song is certainly still on the playlist. However, I find myself jamming to the tune Give Me One Reason, an old classic by Tracy Chapman, which I happened upon when listening to the radio in my grandma’s car.

I was having lots of car troubles back in March, and I was left driving my grandma’s car for the rest of the month. Left without my little cassette-player-aux-cord that I adore, I was stuck listening to the radio. Yes, I am a radio DJ. That is because I despise listening to the radio and would much rather have control over what I’m listening to.

However, letting go of that control over what I’m listening can help me both discover new music and stumble upon old melodies that strike a cord in my soul. Give Me One Reason is one of those songs that I have no idea when I first heard. The song must have played throughout my childhood as I listened to the oldies station with my parents.

My friend Katie Schulz showed me the tune 1955 by Hilltop Hoods on our way to Colorado. I’ve been jamming to the lyrics “what a time to be alive” and feeling alive as heck as I watch senior year fly by right before my eyes.

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