Meet the Team: The Hive

It is the end of an era: senior year at Drake University and my advertising team and I are diligently preparing a stellar campaign for our client: United Way of Central Iowa’s LINC program for young professionals across Central Iowa.

We are in the ~top-secret~ development phase, hard at work preparing our pitch for our client on May 3, 2019. I can’t wait to show off the final product here.

I am so proud of my team and all we have accomplished so far together.

Josie is a kick-ass designer, and I’ve loved having her by my side throughout this beast of a project, as well as other projects in the past. I have also worked with her on Drake Mag when she served as art director on staff. In terms of both aesthetic and functionality, Josie is relentless in her delivery of high-quality work. Beyond making campaigns look phenomenal, Josie also has the capacity to serve as a brand strategist, always asking the right questions to make sure advertising campaigns are flawless and perfectly clear in direction. A team working with Josie will always, without a doubt, deliver a final product they can be extremely proud of.

Hannah brings so much insight to our team. Her background in radio and social media made our research so much stronger and our deliverables more intentional. Furthermore, Hannah is a great person to work with because she throws herself into her work wholeheartedly to make sure campaigns have personality and truly breathe life. Hannah is not afraid to take on responsibility and make sure project development is being done right. She is not afraid to challenge ideas and bring her own to the table, which make team meetings so much more dynamic and productive. Hannah is a valuable team asset and genuinely cares about her team.

Bayo is a strong team player. He always has a positive attitude and works well with the team. Bayo knows how to really connect and understand a client’s target audience. When faced with challenges, he is willing to put in the time to make sure his work is done right. His writing is infused with so much personality, which dramatically enhances creative campaigns. Bayo is outgoing and knows how to ask the right questions during interviews. Moreover, he is capable of working independently and knows how to communicate with the team consistently and clearly. Bayo knows how to multitask, and is no stranger to having many things on his plate.

Grace is so steadfast in her work ethic and her dedication to the team reflects in the high quality of her deliverables. She is always taking on tasks to make sure the team is accomplishing goals and meeting deadlines far in advance. Her uplifting nature brings such a calming presence to the group. We can always count on Grace to complete assignments far in advance, and graciously pick up slack where an extra hand on deck is needed. She produces great content, and knows how to make sure copy is tight to the strategy and matches tone. Any company will feel absolutely confident in their decision to have Grace on their team.

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