Duluth, Minnesota and the North Shore

I have been to Duluth twice within the past year, once in October for a soccer game with the Drake Women’s Soccer Club and again this December on a roadtrip with my best friend Ellie to the north shore of Lake Superior.

After we got our butts kicked in the soccer game in October, I stuck around the city with my teammates Kailey and Shannon. My spirits were low after the loss and I was stressed out about all the homework I would need to attend to during the six to seven hour drive back to school, but I am so happy I stuck around.

Pizza Luce

Our first stop was Pizza Luce, this amazing pizza parlor with baked potato pizza. Yes, you heard me right. The baked potato pizza consists of a pizza crust topped with a hearty but creamy red baked potato. Don’t believe me? Check out their website and read the description…

We smother our pizza crust in buttery, garlic baby red mashed potatoes and top it with broccoli, fresh-diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and chopped bacon. Served with a side of sour cream.

I believe there is also a Pizza Luce location in Minneapolis, so if you don’t have the time for a trek to northern Minnesota, you are still in luck.

Electric Fetus

This record store is one of those eclectic shops where you can laugh at all the touristy merchandise while you sift through used records hoping to strike gold. I always love seeing albums that I know and love on Spotify and imagining those tunes spinning on a turn table (an item on my wishlist!)


When Ellie and I stayed in Duluth,we opted for an Airbnb. The hosts we stayed with were great. I would highly recommend staying with our host if you are in Duluth and needing somewhere inexpensive to crash for a few nights. The wifi was great for when I needed to do some work, the cats were sweet, and they even let us borrow their snowshoes!

Scenic Byway

Ellie and I hit the Scenic Byway of the North Shore Drive, which I would highly recommend if you are on a leisurely trip and not in a hurry to get from point A to point B. So when you approach a fork in the road and must choose between the Scenic Byway or Highway 61 Expressway, choose the views and take the Scenic Byway.

Split Rock Lighthouse

This spot was beautiful. Ellie and I stopped on the side of the road before we got there to get the landscape view, and then drove into the state park. The museum leading up the lighthouse was fun, I would recommend walking through.


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